Never Off Duty (NOD) is a coastal community focused training and first response organization. We aim to freely educate and inform with leading edge first response methods, innovative Lifeguard products and best practices. NOD focuses on supporting lifeguards and the municipalities and organizations that they depend on. NOD is a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit. Our Scholarship for free Lifeguard Jobs training is now open from ages 15-21 for our Hawaii Summer 2021 Program. Our free program’s are funded through corporate training partner fees,donors and sponsorships.

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My name is Jedidiah Wataru, I am 19 years old and a lifeguard with the City and County. Thanks to Jason Bitzer and the NOD program, I was able to get all the required certifications to become a Federal lifeguard on Bellows AFB, and then take the C&C test with confidence. As a young no man with a passion for the ocean and helping people, NOD helped guide me not only to become certified, but helped me gain the knowledge to help save lives that I think everyone should know. Growing up in Hawaii, helped me gain a respect for the ocean and all of it’s dangers that could take hold of even the best of us, the NOD program is one of the best lifesaving programs I think all of us should take part of and it starts with the kids.


NOD has allowed me to follow in my fathers footsteps of being a Lifeguard for the Hawaiian Water Patrol and enter the world of first response.

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